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Does this look PHISHY to you?

There are some shocking numbers and stats attached to just how much email being sent on a daily basis is fraudulent. I won’t bore you with the numbers here, but it’s important that we have a quick chat about just what phishing is and how to identify it. It’s one of the most common methods […]

2022’s IT Security Incident Round-Up

This year has definitely seen its fair share of security events, blunders and successes. With a sharp increase in cyber crimes year over year, there is no sign of it slowing down. The US alone was estimated to have had $6.9 billion (yes, billion with a B) in losses to cyber crime in 2021. The […]

Breaking Down The Uber Break In

Late last week, news hit that tech giant Uber had a major compromise of their corporate environment. There have been so many corporate compromises in the last few years that there is almost fatigue in the news cycle, but this one stands out as the impact and depth of the hack go beyond any that […]

This year, the May 24 extended weekend, will be celebrated on the 23rd.

This Queen’s birthday celebration as “Mother of Confederation” (May 25) has been observed in Canada for 177 years, but for the last 121 years since the Queen’s death has been observed as Victoria Day, Monday before the 25th. May Victoria give you the break you deserve. If not, you have my office number, and I […]

Don’t Expect Business Growth without Exceptional Data Growth in Tow

In the last 30 years, over half of the 7.9 Billion people on this planet came online. In an even shorter period, we’ve gone from screeching modems and IRC chat to TikTok dances, selfies and other mission critical tasks from the palms of our hands. The amount of worldwide digital text, sights and sounds is […]

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