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Getting An Autumn Lift

Dropping leaves and temperatures, shorter days, and summer in the rearview can impact our work ways and mood. Working this season in a time of inflation, recession, pandemic, war and virtualization does not make smiling any easier.  We all need to leverage virtual positive connections to find happy faces around us; be it family, friends, […]

Small Business Thanksgiving

The sweet spot between Canadian and American Thanksgiving has landed and we’ve had some time to think about what small and medium businesses have to give thanks for. We’re thankful for ABW (Activity Based Work), BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) & ICT (Information Communications Technology) providing a small business breakthrough. We’re also thankful for acronyms because […]

CIPS IT Professionalism Week 2022

CIPS (Canada’s Association of Information Technology Professionals) is having its annual IT Professionalism Week this year between October 21st and November 4th. Between the days of data processing in the 60s, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) designation in the 90s and extending into professional collaboration in today’s Cloud era, CIPS recognizes what each sector suffers. In […]

Labour Day Is Coming

Summer gives staff a chance to take some vacation time, enjoy the sunny (hopefully) weather, and recharge their batteries. The summer days are waning now though and for many businesses, Labour Day means a return to industrial strength work at full bandwidth. BIT (Beyond Information Technology) running at industrial strength bandwidth this year means driving […]

Doing A Digital Remodel? Hire The Right Contractor

The Pandemic, recession, rising costs of fuel, raw material prices and labour costs/availability are creating an open invitation for EC & AI (eCommerce and Artificial Intelligence) to grab more of the global supply chain from both front and back office processes. From front-end web marketing to back-end AI routing and fulfilment, commerce is leveraging digital […]

Don’t Expect Business Growth without Exceptional Data Growth in Tow

In the last 30 years, over half of the 7.9 Billion people on this planet came online. In an even shorter period, we’ve gone from screeching modems and IRC chat to TikTok dances, selfies and other mission critical tasks from the palms of our hands. The amount of worldwide digital text, sights and sounds is […]

June “Digit” & “Double Digit”

Our Ontario general election will be held on Thursday June 2, 2022. We have four choices and get one digit (X) to use. Optional party leaders are Andrea, Doug, Mike or Steven. Our leaders span from Left to Right with promises and performance history to evaluate. Three of the four parties have ruled over the […]

Innovation Accountability

In May 2022 Toronto companies will formalize return-to-office policies, others are going fully remote, and the rest are adopting hybrid work-from-anywhere models as their new normal.  In all directions, technical innovation will play a key role in business models. Although many business owners want more independence in the supporting technology buyer’s journey and less direct […]

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