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Skynet, Teach Me How To Make Breakfast

With the increasing usage of AI tools for both home and work, there has been an increase in creative thinking about how we can apply large learning models to new frontiers. Mostly everyone is able to use ChatGPT or, on the rise, Microsoft’s Copilot to do standard functions; rewrite an email for tone, put a […]

Does this look PHISHY to you?

There are some shocking numbers and stats attached to just how much email being sent on a daily basis is fraudulent. I won’t bore you with the numbers here, but it’s important that we have a quick chat about just what phishing is and how to identify it. It’s one of the most common methods […]

2022’s IT Security Incident Round-Up

This year has definitely seen its fair share of security events, blunders and successes. With a sharp increase in cyber crimes year over year, there is no sign of it slowing down. The US alone was estimated to have had $6.9 billion (yes, billion with a B) in losses to cyber crime in 2021. The […]

Artificial Intelligence Is All Grown Up

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nothing new in the technology world. It’s been around for decades and as a concept in science fiction, possibly even longer. Arthur C. Clarke wrote the book ‘2001: A Space Odyssey‘ in tandem with Stanley Kubrick developing the film adaptation in 1968(!). The term Artificial Intelligence was coined 22 years earlier […]

IT Budget Considerations for 2023

As 2022 comes to a conclusion, we’ve seen tremendous economic turmoil while emerging from almost 3 years of unstable commerce. COVID definitely hit the population hard from a health perspective but the health of our financial systems also had a pretty grim period as well. Though economic recovery is well underway, recouping losses and attempts […]

The Small Business Tech Advantage

Running a small business used to feel like you were standing in the shadow of hulking corporations, but the opportunity to leverage corporate technologies in the SMB space has made it feel like you’re standing on the shoulders of giants. More and more companies have been undergoing their digital transformation but the pain involved has […]

Psychic Power Or Splitting Headache?

Microsoft has stopped selling technology that guesses someone’s emotional state based on facial cues. Between the lack of consensus on a definition of ’emotions,’ and the inability to generalize the linkage between facial expression and emotional state helped suspend this initiative.  Google blocked 13 planned emotions from its tool for reading emotion and placed four […]

Where The Web All Started

As the weekend approaches, we like to review the week that just finished and sometimes get a little nostalgic. This week, a quick chat about the origins of the internet led us to the first web page ever. Oddly enough, you can still visit the first webpage ever seen on the internet here: The World Wide […]

Kaspersky Anti-Virus added to FCC list of National Security Threats

For the first time, a Russian corporate entity has been put on the list of National Security Threats by the FCC. Kaspersky AV, which is headquartered in Moscow, was created by Eugene Kaspersky whom US officials have referred to as a former Russian intelligence officer. This is not the first time a foreign company has been […]

Outsourcing 2022

In automotive tech, AI implemented “foot to the rear door” activation. In Human Management we’ve eliminated this motivational feature.  As AI discovers new frontiers to conquer, leaders are scrambling to balance performance, motivation and wellness issues in a volatile environment. More are doing “lift & shift” of process or total functions to an outsource provider. […]

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